Know when and where to drive.

CracoApp provides to rideshare drivers information that let them make the right choices to where and when drive, growing their ride earnings.

App Overview

Our Features.

Depending on your region, you can have access to information that can help you to plan your day and where are the best locations to go.

  • Flights schedule

    Arrivals and departures grouped per hour by airport.

  • Conferences

    Calendar with business events and trade shows.

  • Shows & events

    Schedule for the next sports games and music shows.

  • Cruises

    List with cruises count per day on nearby ports.

  • Theme parks

    Park realtime crowd information.

  • Weather

    Quick access to realtime weather and forecast.

Why use this app?

Make better decisions and grow your earnings.

Knowing the best places and time to drive, can be a game changer when you are a rideshare driver looking for pickup requests and can make your earnings bigger.

  • Drive fewer hours per day
  • Predict where will be the surges and prime times
  • Raise your chances for long rides
  • Increase your profit per hour

What this app do?

Craco gather and process information to delivery you smart data.

In order find the best pickups opportunities, CracoApp collect information from several different sources across the US to then merge, group, process, save, compare and display to you in one single place.

All those data are processed in cloud servers to keep your access to the information quickly and using the minimal of your phone resources and internet.

  • Cloud based
  • Data hub
  • Always on
  • Fast access

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